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Thermal profiler wickon Q10,KIC X5 reflow thermal profilling,wave oven reflow profile

WICKON Q10 thermal profiler 1 set is accepted
Thermal profiler wickon Q10,KIC X5 reflow thermal profilling,wave oven  reflow profile
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thermal profiler equipment


reflow oven temperature profile

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Place of Origin: China
Merknaam: wickon Q10 reflow owen thermal profiler
Model Number: wickon Q10 profiler
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Packaging Details: wickon thermal profiler packing with foam+carton
Delivery Time: smt reflow thermal profiler delivery within
Payment Terms: wickon A6L profiler pay by TT
Supply Ability: 600sets reflow oven profiler per month

Fast, accurate and economical process temperature profiling

Hardware Advantages

1.With MINI appearance, with narrow product, within the industry as the most thin, highly integrated chip design, more advanced technology; the test is low, higher high-temperature furnace through a narrow, application industry and the wider field;


2.The full realization of USB communication and USB charging function, truly no need to deliberately charging 365 days;


3.WICKON temperature tester entire family includes series X6.X8.X10.A6L.Q7.Q10.Q12.Q15.Q24 ,Q32 and so on products. Model is complete, up to the maximum number of channels as much as 32, the most in the industry.


4.The real use of FLASH chip, can automatically save data in case of any unexpected power outages;

5.All the chips inside the instrument effectively military-grade temperature up to 105 degrees


6.British with green LABFACILITY thermocouple plug, the reaction speed of 0.1 seconds, more accurate

Software Advantage

1.Has ISO9000 file filled traceability, easily filled history temperature curve, superuser privileges may be arbitrarily correction curve


2.PWI analysis comes at no extra additional costs, easy set reflow process engineers to optimize the process parameters according to the guidelines PWI


3.Craft editing window highly integrated, operating in a window you can edit all process technology, without switching between multiple windows settings, operation more simple


4.You can simultaneously test 32 sets of data, and then import the PC computer together, one by one arbitrary curve analysis, saving testing time


5.The software comes with data import and export functions to facilitate data analysis and statistical curve


6.Powerful component features, has a curved cut, add and modify the temperature of the line. Between any two points and two data analysis, information edit notes, and save as curve editing


7.Wave energy test automatic partitioning, automatic on PROFILE display maximum temperature and preheat peak, automatic peak analysis flatness







WICKON thermal profile

Temperature range


Work temperature


Total storage



Without deliberately charging automatically add power, truly 365 without charge.

No. Of channel

sampling interval

0.05s~86400s(Can be set according to testing requirements)

Thermocouple type




Battery type

Rechargeable lithium polymer battery

Start Mode

Direct mode, mode conditions (air and start testing length setting)

Weight of Insulated box

Depending on the model and different heat time

Size of Insulated box

Different specifications and heat time to decide


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